Man Tormented By Demons

Someone contacted me through social media with an almost pleading statement, that read as follows, “I think for many years I have been overshadowed by a demon during the demon during the day and assaults me in my sleep. I get bruises on my arms, long scratches, and red marks, all appearing overnight. sometimes I even believe I am being abducted. I also have angry outbursts that I cannot control; that is totally not me. I get a feeling I am not in control.”

I responded to him immediately with a request for an over the phone interview and left him our number.

After two days of no response…..I continued saying that, I only wanted to ask a few questions ………..still no response was returned. so in a final effort to contact him, I explained, that I knew he was telling the truth and did not think he was crazy.

“Sure I can call, let me get back to you later today when I would have time.” That concluded our messages. him saying he would get a hold of me.

Until later the next week at 7:35 Pm, stating “sorry but I do not feel comfortable discussing this matter on the phone, nothing against you………… maybe in the future I can. For now, any questions you have, I will gladly answer over Instagram.”

I told him I completely understood, and I would begin questions the next day.

The questions proceeded as follows

When did this start:

It started about 7-8 years ago the bruises, scratches, and remarks started appearing, overnight while I slept and I have had this feeling of evil inside me that makes me say things and do things that are totally not me. like being super mean to total strangers and afterward I feel so bad, wondering what the hell is happening to me.

Do you live alone: No I do not, I live with my girlfriend of 14 years and our son.

Do you think something happened in your life that caused this: Yes I do! When I was younger I dabbled in the occult very shortly and once tried to “talk” to these demonic forces, once. Nothing substantial happened. But ever since then my life has had very bad luck.

He also added that he bruises are always around the same place, inner upper arms. Like if you were standing with your arms down and someone trying to restrain you and where the thumbs would be.

Does this happen to your family:

Not at all. they don’t take me seriously either, so I don’t talk to anyone about it. but my girlfriend gets freaked out when she sees the bruises appear though.

and added that he “sometimes thinks he is being abducted by extraterrestrials, I must sound crazy right about me

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