ghost and orbs caught on video

UPDATE … further review of footage has brought the conclusion of indeterminate, although the individual is who he claims he is and is in fact the person in the video …the only thing that we have to work with for reasons unknown is a cellphone video of another phone playing the footage… which makes it impossible to analyze it , to see if the anomally was overlaid into the video.  For this reason we will not be showing it.

We have received a video of a person filming soccer videos in a garage when a ghost flashes over the screen the video is being analyzed in a graphics emulator and a transcript of the interview will be posted.

The interview was as follows

What is your name?
Nathon Moore.

When did you take the video?
January 21, 2016,11:00 at night

what compelled you to take the video?

I was making soccer videos.

Describe what happened.

After first shadow orb appeared down the hill by my face,
and when you pause the video you could see eyes and mouth and then a bunch of orbs started surrounding me
angels were protects
Pinson Mounds he used to live there lots of Indians died or voodoo a guardian angel protected its possible that the orbs were the guardian’s angels.

What color were the orbs?
They were white.

The first shadow do you think it was trying to harm you?

Well no, but I was going through a really bad breakup, and spirits like to feed off negative emotions and I’m really sensitive to this kind of stuff. Whenever I was 1 my dad’s friend ran over me I was an inch from dying and I think that they wanted me but God was with me and they couldn’t so they are still trying ever since that video, that moment, I’ve been seeing more stuff like paranormal?

Have you ever experienced anything before the video was taken?

Yes, I have it been having like it was really scary I lived in the house we move around a lot and we rent houses and these were these two women that died they were sisters and uhh my mom uh I was like 12 and this was first thing that happened to me I guess they didn’t like our family so I was like as soon as my mom tucks me into bed and leaves and comes back to check on me and the closet door slams so hard and I didn’t sleep there for like three weeks

What did your mom say about it?

She freaks out she ended up getting a vase a woman gave her a vase and told her the story of it and she put the vase in the room to ward off spirits and it worked.

Have you had any experiences while you’ve been at college?
No there are no spirits here.

Can you sense spirits?
Yes, but I haven’t felt any at college

Does anyone else in your family sense spirits?

No, but my mom has seen spirits.

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